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Social Responsibility

We at FLONEX respect the communities we work with and want them to benefit from our presence. FLONEX defines responsibility at three levels – legal compliance, being a progressive operator and evidencing leadership.

Both compliance and being a progressive operator lie in what we call our sphere of control and we call this ‘responsible operations’. It is here that we control the choices made and we are accountable for the outcomes. It is also through this that we can generate considerable benefits for society – taxes, salaries, dividends, capability development and a range of essential products.

At a further level, being responsible prompts us to play our part in helping to solve challenges that are directly relevant to our long-term business strategy. In line with our business strategy and growth, we recognize the need and importance to make a focused and inclusive contribution towards development, both social and economic.

The Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme has evolved from charitable giving to a strategic CSR programme which seeks to support the communities it operates in and its key stakeholders. The CSR programmes are initiated by the Company aligns business risks and opportunities with the national agenda of development priorities to meet the needs and aspirations of the populace. In alignment with our core skills and vision of engaging with our stakeholders to contribute to a safer and better quality of life, the Company’s CSR programme focus on the following four pillars.

Ehtiyat: Collaborating for safer mobility (flagship pillar).
Eklavya: Strengthening skills in the automotive and industrial sectors, with focus on technology.
Ekjut: Community development in areas of operation and presence.
Ehsaas: Humanitarian aid.

NOTE: Any Innovative Ideas can be implemented to implement these CSR Programmes onto the page.